Tzah-Serafon specializes in R&D, production and marketing of polymer  emulsions, adhesives and sealants for construction and industrial use   

A flexible approach enables Serafon to meet customers' specific demands, while an integral quality assurance program under ISO standards guarantees that products meet all our customers' specifications




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December 2007 Serafon starts to distribute BASF Construction Chemicals Products in Israel. The agreement is another exclusive contract to Serafon's range of international co-operations, enable to continue the growth in local markets. Serafon is already offering products from Henkel (Ceresit), Beardow & Adams and more.

November 2007: New 2 Emulsion combination "step 1 step 2" to create "cracks look" on paintings, wood, plaster and any artwork. Craquelure is a well known natural aging of art works, sometimes a desirable effect on new works. The two Serafon's Emulsion, M78 and R92, are both clear Acrylic varnish, give you the realistic aged crackle look, on any surface (primed, painted or existing artwork). Application method: The M78 is a step 1 and used as a base, which after being dried, the R92 step 2 is applied on top.

August 2007: Serastik 104 is another grade of the well known Serastik range of contact cements from Serafon.The Serastik 104 has become the first choice of upholstery applications as well as PVC lamination of metal doors, where the preferable method of application is by spraying the adhesive. Serastik 104 has excellant workability , high heat stability of bonding PVC, Rubber, Foams, Metals and Plastic.

July 2007: New premium wood working adhesive - 308S/ 308SK , along with the leading grade Servinyl 308R, are two grades for special hardwoods bonding.formulated with more than 50% solids content (no fillers), the 308 series create very fast and strong bond, even in cold ambient temperatures. Besides short press times, the adhesive contains no harmeful ingredients. The grades differs with viscosity and other parameters, suitable for manual or machine applications. 

MAY 2007- one year after announcing the develop of the complete range for the tissue converting industry (see April 2006 news),Serafon has completed a full successful in line trials at all major Israeli producers. The range covers 3 grades for core-winding, pick-up adhesive, tail sealing and lamination (between paper layers) adhesive, which is compatible with Tambour paste coloring, to support the develop of colored shapes onto toilet papers rolls.

April 2007: New grade Seracryl 4367-N1. Pure acrylic emulsion with self-crosslinking and low TG properties specially formulated to produce soft hand textile printing ink

January 2007 New grade adhesive 406- a special high viscosity (paste adhesive) for bottom sealing of paper bags

December 2006 New grade adhesive 330- a water based adhesive specially formulated for billboard`s paper gluing.

November 2006  News from the Decorative "Desert Bricks" department. A new size of bricks is available, 215X50 mm with new colors and textures

October 2006    Serafon has complied with the EU DIRECTIVE 67/548 /EEC , regarding harmful ingredients in adhesives and all water based adhesives manufactured at Serafon are environmentally and user friendly and perfectly safe for use by children of all ages.

September 2006   NEW!!!!-"POLYMIX PORCELAIN FOR GYPSUM" WORLD INNOVATION !!!!   Powder adhesive for bonding tiles, without  primer, on Gypsum surfaces(gypsum board/dry wall)` Gypsum blocks, Gyps  plaster, cement plaster, and concrete. For interior use. Bonding thickness 2-10 mm

August 2006: Serafon produces a new product " KALCIMO EXTERIOR" -Cement based, white mortar for smoothing exterior/ interior walls.

July 2006  :   New product from Serafon plant :"POLYSEAL 290" - Sealer, clear and  invisible, silicone   based.For sealing mineral, absorbent surfaces / Thickness 1-5 mm.

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